Crystal Clean 123 is only available at Sunset Spas Locations right now. We will be offering online ordering soon. Contact one of the Sunset Spas Locations for ordering information!

This system is as simple as 123


Crystal Clean 123 utilizes natural enzymes, water softeners, clarifiers and much more to bring you the most advanced water treatment system to date.

Eco Friendly

Are you looking to reduce the amount of chemicals used in your spa? Crystal Clean 123 is the answer!

New Water Treatment

Crystal Clean 123 is a state of the art cutting edge chemical water maintenance system for hot tubs and swim spas!

Jet Warranty

Purchase Crystal Clean 123 from one of our authorized retailers & get a lifetime warranty on your jets for as long as you use the system!

Spa Maintenance

Reduces foaming and scum lines. Minimizes bio-foam & scale build up in the spa plumbing. Crystal Clean 123 also improves your filter system.